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In the aftermath of the Coronavirus that gripped the United States of America and the entire world, it behooved the church and many entities to embrace online technologies, and the church was no different.  Some churches behind in technologies had to embrace such to reach their memberships, and prayerfully, those versed in technologies had someone who helped them do so.  With the United States of America and the entire world coming out of this pandemic, it is a belief that the church will never be the same.  The church will have to pivot to a hybrid approach with its doors open to worshippers and an online presence.  To that end, this entity will serve that function to those looking to remain close to God and Jesus Christ but remain online.  The opportunity to fellowship in person or virtually will also be the mission of this ministry.  Monies needed to minister to those near and far obtaining such to further the mission of this entity. 


In a world where we all want to know what we believe to be the truth, we can stake our lives on what is communicated.  Consequently, one’s life will never be the same; this ministry will serve that purpose.  Life can become challenging for all of us, and no one is exempt from life’s problems.  Having served as Pastor of a historical church on Capitol Hill, knowing what it means to do traditional church, but at the same time, times are changing, and combining technical skills learned professionally, believing that God is calling the Pastor at this time to reach more persons for the kingdom of God; prayerfully this ministry will be a place we will find helpful in our sojourn together—using social media to foster discussion applicable in Christian discipleship, making the gospel practical for our lives, in a world desperate of such. 


This ministry will drive internet traffic to our ministry link on YouTube, Rev. Anthony E. Owens Ministries, LLC. So that, the questions asked among the many will find answers because we believe that many are searching for answers to life and its purpose, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic we still find ourselves going through. May this ministry draw many into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and God his Father. So that many will come to know the absolute truth because many are searching for the truth. 


Because the entire world encompasses this community, it is with a sincere heart, and this ministry will provide many with the word of God, those searching for the truth in God’s word. The United States of America and the entire world are struggling for truth. Therefore, the desire that we all approach the shared information with an open heart and a discerning spirit will receive and grow. 


In the great commission found in Matthew’s gospel chapter 28, verses 16 through 19, sharing with his eleven disciples, Jesus commissioned them to leave Galilee gathering on a mountain, and Jesus told the disciples to go. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the church had to go online, even those who refused to do so before the pandemic. Jesus, with all authority in heaven and on the earth, Jesus said to the disciples to go. Today, we have tens of millions of Christian disciples of Jesus Christ, willing to learn and grow and act in his teachings, thus making the world a better place for humanity. We are to baptize, symbolizing we die to ourselves and living for Jesus Christ. The world desperately needs Christ-like people baptizing all in the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity. As disciples, we are life-long learners, which is what this ministry is about. We will be life-long examples in the world, and when we do so, Jesus promises in the Spirit that He is with his Father, God, to be with us, that the world will not see us but the Christ in all of us. 

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