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Because we are a hybrid church, primarily online, but soon, prayerfully this year, we will meet in a central location to fellowship.  However, we want to be a resource where we dialogue on Thursdays at 7:00 pm (on the home page below Online Services, click to go online and please register so your name appears in the chat) weekly to discuss the shared subject online.  We want to answer those questions as an inclusive community, bringing many people into the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ.  With many years of experience with a master's in Divinity and pursuing a doctorate in ministry, this ministry will be a resource to thousands of people searching for answers.  The pandemic has shown us that the church has always been beyond the four walls, but it took the pandemic to pivot, focusing online to reach the masses.  However, more specifically, the world needs true transformation.  If we open our hearts and be respectful to the word of God, and if we are searching for truth intellectually, we reason with the resources available online and elsewhere because God's word is the truth.  You can always chat with me by clicking "Let's chat," and I will immediately respond at my earliest convenience. 

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1212 Strausberg Street

Accokeek, Maryland  20607 

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