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Welcome to the ministry of Rev. Anthony E. Owens Ministries, LLC. I hope you find this ministry helpful in understanding the mind of God's servant in the ministry. Having served in the church for many years, and realizing that people search for answers during and after the pandemic that gripped the entire world. The definition of truth is being distorted. I do not mean anything by reiterating such, believing there must be absolute truth somewhere, and why not investigate the word of God? So, I welcome your dialogue. Please share this ministry with friends, family, and foes. This hybrid church is unique to answering questions of those searching for answers about life, but this ministry will answer those questions grounded in the word of God. There is so much content on the Internet, but this ministry takes the word of God seriously what is being shared, realizing life and death are genuinely in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). 

I look forward to engaging you with content relevant to our lives; please share with family, friends, and foes. 

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