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Making Disciples


The word disciple means "follower or student," and discipleship is becoming more like Christ. Once we become saved, we should strive to listen to and act upon God's Word to know God better and live lives pleasing to the Lord and effective in the world!


In the 21st century, many aspects of our lives and our world are greatly influenced by the media, social media, cultural prejudices, etc. Believing the world is counter-cultural or in opposition to the biblical text. However, thinking in and acting upon what Jesus shared with His audiences will help those who have acknowledged Him as their Lord and Savior to navigate this world and witness to others. 


  • Disciples of Jesus Christ witness to others because they have realized that Jesus' teachings help them live in a world they would want for themselves, their children, and others, a world where we love one another and promote the betterment of all people. 

  • Disciples of Jesus Christ have the heart to serve others, which equates to leaving the four walls of a church building and making a positive difference in others' lives; for example, discipleship "looks like" volunteering in the community, visiting the sick, and shut-in, etc.  Prayerfully, these opportunities will open the doors to sharing Jesus Christ with others.  

  • Disciples of Jesus Christ believe that God's entire word in the Bible is necessary to live the Christian life and impact the world for Him. 


A disciple's ultimate goal should be to duplicate themselves through witnessing to others. Just as duplication is essential for the manufacturer that wants its product to reach the masses, at the core of this ministry, the mission is "disciple duplication" so that the teachings of Jesus Christ come to the masses. Of course, the teachings of Jesus Christ do not change in the biblical text. Still, like a manufacturer that improves its product, they're constantly enhancing "disciple duplication," for example, through technology and other media, as they continue to move toward a more digitally-driven society.

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