Mission Statement

A disciple is a pupil who listen and act upon that which is shared. In the 21st century we're influenced by social media, the world we live in and etc.  A disciple equates to discipleship, whereas the mission of Liberty Baptist Church is to equip individuals to be a disciple of Jesus Christ by adhering to his teachings in the Bible. Believing what Jesus shared with his audiences are relevant in helping those who have acknowledged Him as their Lord and Savior, navigating one's self in the 21st century. Believing the world we live in is counter cultural to the biblical text.  Ultimately, a disciple of Jesus Christ believe the entire word of God in the Bible is needful in living the Christian life, and impacting the world for Him. 

Disciples witness to others because they have come to the realization Jesus' teachings in the biblical text helps them to live in a world they would want for themselves, their children and others to live in. A world where we love one another, and to promote the betterment of all people. 

Disciples of Jesus Christ have a heart to serve others, which equate to leaving the four walls of a church building and making a difference in the lives of others. A difference in the lives of others would be donating one's time in the community, meeting a necessity in the lives of individuals, being a presence in the life of someone who doesn’t have a close relative to care for their needs, and etc.

A disciple’s ultimate goal should be to duplicate themselves through witnessing to others. Like a manufacturer, duplication is important because they want their products to reach the masses. At Liberty Baptist Church, the teachings of Jesus Christ don’t change in the biblical text, but like a manufacturer we're always improving our message in the duplicating process, because many believe that times have changed in actuality nothing is new.