Since my tenure at Liberty Baptist Church, I have reached out to the community hosting a dialogue on race relations in the aftermath of the Charleston, South Carolina killings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 2015.  The dialogue proved to be healthy recognizing our differences, and the talks gave way to other conversations in our community.


Knowing how important the church should be in the community, the Pastor reached out to Payne Elementary School volunteering as a tutor in 5th grade math.  The Pastor engaged the children with his presence and met many of the parents, who were often surprised the Pastor would volunteer in that capacity.  


Liberty and the Pastor wanting to be very friendly in the community opened its doors to the community to host public safety meetings where the Metropolitan Police Department meet with residence in the community.  The residence are always grateful to have a place to meet in the community.


Liberty and the Pastor have also opened our doors to the Girl Scouts to use our facility for their meetings.